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    The best balance bike available for kids on the move.

    E-200L | Age: 2 - 4+ years | Small to Mid Size Kids

    Made of Alloy and lightweight parts, it has a unique low centre of gravity design, safety internal brake, and predictable handling.

    The E-200L has an additional, free extra long seat with seat attachment for growing legs.

    The ByK design innovation and technical excellence takes learning bikes to another level. Just 4kgs.

    Ability Level: Learning



    The E-200L frame offers an earlier starting age for learning bikes with a low-slung design. The longer wheelbase allows for more knee clearance and more predictable handling. Added to these virtues is a Free XL seat post for bigger riders - it can be easily swapped over as the rider skills and confidence grow for a taller seat height and increased leg room. And the adjustable saddle is ergonomically positioned on the bike to balance the rider's weight - making it safe and efficient.


    The lightweight wheels help reduce rotating mass dramatically for ease of use and improved rider control and balance. Whilst our low-drag tyres further improve the rolling dynamics advantages of the E-200L.  Less resistance from the wheels and superior ergonomics means pick-up to balance speed is easier to achieve - meaning your child will learn ride sooner and more confidently.


    The best brakes on the E-200L are the rider's feet!  It makes sense for the rider to slow up the same way they got started; it also makes sense to have handbrake control.  The internal rear wheel-only roller brake is both functional and safe - well hidden from harms way.  The brake lever is small and adjustable to fit even the smallest rider.

    Little Details Count:

    • Smooth running tyres to reduce road friction and noise so your child can hear safety instructions
    • Concealed roller rear brake means less sharp edges
    • Spoked Wheels for best possible rolling
    • Quality headfittings to maximise steering response

    WEIGHT: 5kg
    FRAME : Lightweight Alloy, Low Gravity Concept Design
    WHEELS: Dynamic Advantage Tall Alloy Wheels with Spokes
    TYRES: Low Profile, Low Resistence Design with Micro grip & Tough Tubes
    BRAKES: Soft Action Roller Rear Brake
    BRAKE LEVERS: Alloy, Adjustable Short Reach Design
    SADDLE: Adjustable Ultra Mini, + Free Extra Long Adjustable Seat Post and Saddle for Growing Kids
    HANDLEBARS: Custom Width V-bars
    BELLS: Included
    SAFETY FLAG: Included
    EXTRA LONG SEAT: Included

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