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    The best kids bike on the market...with speed-sensitive gears.

    E-450x2i | Age: 5 - 8 years | Height: 110 - 132cms

    Featuring all the superior design of the E-450 range with the incredible innovation of speed sensitive gears.

    No levers, no cables, no chance of anything going wrong, just simply a clever gear system that changes up and down at the designated speed.

    Smooth handling, ultra-efficient and safe, with both hand and foot brakes. Just 9+kgs.

    Ability Level: Able To Ride, Developing Major Skills.



    With no external moving parts and designed by SRAM for electric bikes and folding bikes, the internal 2-speed i-motion gear system has been customised to suit the E-450.

    At the heart of every ByK Bike is a well designed frame and weighing just 1.2kg our lightweight frame is easier to ride adn manoeuvre. The ergonomic design ensures a great fit and superb handling, your child will have a light and easy bike to ride. Our custom sized and shaped V-bars is another unique design - by considering shoulder width, riding position, safety and comfort our handlebars are made for kids.


    With lightweight alloy wheels, we've made pedalling easier - our taller, more efficient wheel sizing has a dynamic advantage that other bikes can't match. And like the professionals, we've added radial spokes on the front wheel. Our smooth, faster-rolling tyres don't wear little legs out so quickly - the pattern is easy rolling and very robust.


    To make a children's bike safe, the rider needs to be able to brake efficiently and confidently. We have used alloy front and rear callipers with light action for superior control and a simple and safe coaster style foot brake. The best of both worlds we believe. The custom-sized V-Brakes we have used are calibrated for age, ability and ergonomic fit. And they are made of non-flexing, strong and light alloy. Our light weight alloy rims ensure pedalling is easier. But more importantly alloy rims are a more efficient braking surface than cheaper, chrome-plated steel rims, and are therefore safer.

    Little Details Count:

    • Increased knee to handlebar clearance for growing bodies.
    • Longer wheelbase for stable handling at higher speeds.
    • Alloy seat clamp.
    • Custom length cranks.
    • Ergonomic riding triangle between pedals, seat and handlebar for best balance and efficiency.
    • Pedals with bearings.
    • Taller, more efficient wheels and tyres to increase riding distances and lower riders' centre of gravity.

    WEIGHT: 16.4
    FRAME : Lightweight Alloy, Low Gravity Concept Design
    GEARS: SRAM internal 2-speed i-motion gear system
    WHEELS: Dynamic Advantage Tall Alloy Wheels with Radial Front Spokes
    TYRES: Low-Profile, Low-Resistance Design with Tough Tubes
    BRAKES: Rear Coaster Brake with Alloy Front Caliper and Rear V Brake
    BRAKE LEVERS: Alloy, Adjustable Short Reach
    SADDLE: Comfort Midi
    HANDLEBARS: Custom Width V-bars
    BELLS: Included
    KICKSTAND: Included