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    The best kids bike on the market...with internal gears.

    E-450x3i | Age: 5 - 8 years | Height: 110 - 132cms

    Featuring all the superior design of the E-450 range with internal 3 speed gears.

    This has no external gear parts you can damage - for kids who will treat it rough! Whilst you are still learning to handle your bike and gears, you also have a foot brake as well.

    Smooth handling, safe, ultra-efficient. Just 9+kgs.

    Ability Level: Able To Ride, Developing Major Skills.



    With the E-450x3i frame we customised each tube to reduce weight and improve handling. Another crucial ingredient to the clever design is the improved control and bump dampening ability of our CRM forks - giving a dramatic advantage in handling and comfort.

    Little details such as increased knee to handlebar clearance for growing bodies, a longer wheelbase for stable handling, and adjustable pedal position for growing legs, all make the E-450x3i a great entry-geared bike for kids. Durabilty is also a key factor in the E-450x3i such as the added extra strength in the wheels and the tyres.


    We know that kids love the idea of gears but they give them a tough time! So we have created a model with the super cool Shimano i-motion internal 3 speed gears for those early learners who are still treating their bike rough but want to learn and play with gears. Our unique design offers a longer chain length, helping with chain flex. Then we use the direct pulling 1:1 Shimano gears - fantastic because every movement in the lever reflects the same movement in the derailler. Also, by using a cassette hub, we have eliminated cluster wobble and the demons of throwing chains off gears.


    To make a children's bike safe, the rider needs to be able to brake efficiently and confidently. The custom-sized V-Brakes we have used are calibrated for age, ability and ergonomic fit. And they are made of non-flexing, strong and light alloy. Our light weight alloy rims ensure pedalling is easier. But more importantly alloy rims are a more efficient braking surface than cheaper, chrome-plated steel rims, and are therefore safer.

    Little Details Count:

    • True cartridge bottom bracket for straighter chain alignment.
    • Cassette rear hub for superior gear shifting.
    • CRM Forks for extra comfort and improved handling.
    • Long rear stay length for best possible gear shifting.
    • Super tough wheels for reduced maintenance.
    • Calibrated V Brakes for progressive braking.

    WEIGHT: 14
    FRAME : Butted Alloy Frame, Low Gravity Concept Design
    GEARS: Shimano i-Motion Internal 3 Speed, Totally Integrated and Synchronised Gearing
    WHEELS: Dynamic Advantage Tall Alloy Wheels, Reinforced 36 Hole with Toughnut Eyelets
    TYRES: Low-Profile, Low-Resistance Design with Tough Tubes
    BRAKES: Alloy Front and Rear Calibrated V Brakes
    BRAKE LEVERS: Alloy, Adjustable Short Reach
    SADDLE: Comfort Midi Deluxe
    HANDLEBARS: Custom Width Low Rise V-Bars
    BELLS: Included
    KICKSTAND: Included