Position Vacant for an Experianced Bicycle Mechanic. Immediate start.
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    • A super duty cleaner formulated using the very latest of two impressive advances incleaning chemistry. Baby does this stuff melt the crap away!
    • Strips the ugliest of stuff right off, including the toughest of brake rotor surface grime.
    • Speed Degreaser dries fast and complete - theres no oily residue left behind - it melts and rinses contaminants right off, and poof..., whats left of Speed Degreaser evaporates away.
    • Because Speed Degreaser also displaces water, you are left with a squeaky clean, residue free dry surface.

    The Finish Line Speed Bike Degreaser 18oz Aerosol can be purchased online but must be picked up in-store at Melbourne Bicycles, 37 Queens Pde, Clifton Hill, Victoria.