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    Keeping Melbourne riding for 40 years ...

    Ever since we opened our doors in 1978, we've prided ourselves on a well-stocked workshop staffed by friendly and competent mechanics. Who, incidentally, all ride bikes, from high-end road through to BMX. The only thing they love more than their bikes are their tools.

    Our workshop is our pulse. Keeping you riding, whether you're a commuter, road-racer, dirt-grinder, or recreational rider on our city's fabulous network of trails.

    We offer a variety of service packages depending on your needs. Please select one of the options below to find out more about what each package offers.

    THE WASH - $45






    Of course, we can also accommodate most specific repairs.  Whether something is broken or you can't identify what is causing that horrible noise, we will be able to help.

    Here's some more information about our workshop that we believe is useful, so please take note of the following:

    Service Timeframes

    Our workshop is busy and the workload ebbs and flows. We aim to complete all services within 48 hours, but this can occasionally be delayed if we need to order in specific parts. We will let you know if that is the case.

    If you are a daily rider, we do offer same-day turnaround if you book in advance, either by using our form [here] or by calling us on 03 9489 5569. Please book at least 3 days in advance. We request you drop off your bike before 10 am (we're open from 8 am) and we'll have it ready by 5 pm. We will try and accommodate you if you need it earlier, please ask us at the time of booking. We will contact you, usually by text, when a service has been completed.

    When dropping off your bike, please allow 5-10 minutes for our mechanics to quickly assess your bike in your presence.

    Timeframes for repairs are dependant on the nature of repair and/or whether parts need to be sourced. An estimated date of completion will be given to you when in store.

    Free adjustment

    Servicing is an art, not a science. Sometimes, especially with new brake and gear parts, once they've "bedded in" they may need a tweak or two to perform at their best. Simply drop-in when our workshop is open and our mechanics will do this for you on the spot.

    Loan Bikes

    We have a limited number of loan bikes for people who rely on theirs for transport. Please let us know when booking if you need a loan bike (and your height!). Please note you will be responsible for any damage or theft while in possession of any loan bike.


    Our workshop is open Monday - Friday and we do not perform services or repairs during the weekend. However, ...

    Punctures or Broken Cables

    We can, depending on store traffic, fix punctures or broken cables on the spot, even during weekends. Normally these will take 10-15 minutes but if we're busy, may take 30-60 minutes. There's a dozen coffee shops up the road!


    We are happy to provide you with a quote before any repairs are undertaken. If we are to provide a written quote (e.g. for insurance purposes), we do charge a $20 quote fee which is refunded if the repair goes ahead.


    We would appreciate it very much if you would collect your bike promptly after any servicing or repair work. If your bike is left here longer than 2 weeks after the completion of any work (or after notifying you of any quote for repairs), we may charge a $2/day storage fee. If you intend to be absence for a period of time (e.g. overseas holiday), please let us know.

    Bikes left here longer than 1 month will be assumed to be uncollected goods and we will attempt to contact you and notify you of our intention to dispose of them in accordance with relevant law.

    Not Satisfied?

    Our mechanics are experienced, thorough, competent, and human. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with any servicing or repair work, please contact us to discuss your concerns and if applicable, remedy our work.