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    Introducing the Str8 Kompakt Compass!

    A leap in technology and a desire to enhance enjoyment for orienteers announces the newest high performance compass from Str8. The Str8K will change the way you look at navigating, from forests to urban, forever!

    The Str8 K moves you closer to the map than ever before. Our compact Ergonomic design improves map feel and precision navigating yet carries over the outstanding needle performance and stability of our highly acclaimed Original model.

    Str8 Innovations abound: Adjustable thumb angle. Offset capsule. Full view pointer & twin outside pointers. Low resistance technology needle. Aluminium capsule protector. Two anti-­‐ slip map gripper straps, magnifier compatible and much more.

    At Str8 we really appreciate every second in orienteering is valuable. Our new Str8 K is more than a new compass, it is a new way to find controls.
    Str8 Compass. A Better Way.

    Watch the Video

    Innovation By Design

    • Adjustable thumb angle, +/-20 degrees
    • Offset capsule, 6mm
    • Full view main pointer, 83mm
    • Line of sight twin outside pointers
    • Low resistance technology needle
    • Ergonomic design
    • Compact thumb reach

    Detail In Every Element

    • Aluminium capsule protector
    • 5mm Ultraclear hi-strength body
    • Precise positioning tip
    • Two straps. Soft touch and firm feel
    • Anti slip map gripper
    • Magnifier mounting points

    The Str8 Magnifier is fitted to the compass with a secure 3-Point Fit.

    Watch the Video